Migraine can feel overwhelming – let’s make it simpler.

In the Migraine Masterclass series, I help you break down complex topics in a way that’s applicable to your every day life. Each Masterclass comes with a presentation taught by me along with a resource packet to help you put what you learn into action.

Histamine Masterclass


A crash course on contributors to histamine intolerance, how it can impact migraine, and realistic ways to bring back balance.

Peri / Postmenopause Bundle

$114 $97

Purchase both the Perimenopause and Postmenopause Masterclasses here and receive a 15% discount!

Perimenopause Masterclass


Let’s add clarity to the no-man’s land of women’s health and how it can impact migraine (plus how to prevent it from ruining your life!).

Postmenopause Masterclass


Menopause comes with its own unique challenges – this masterclass will help you understand how to navigate migraine more easily during this phase of life.

More Masterclasses coming soon!