Hear what past clients have to say about The Migraine Dietitian!

“In Aug 2020, I got an IUD placed with no idea that it affect me because I was on the pill already for about 1.5 years at this point and had no reason to believe my hormones would harm me. After having the IUD in for 6 weeks, my migraine headaches returned despite being on preventative medication and I had a bunch of other symptoms come along with it. My face broke out with acne, I developed food sensitivities, my BMs (bowel movements) completely changed and of course, because I stopped eating due to fear of triggering a migraine- I lost a significant amount of weight. All of this led me to Kelli. I had been following her for a while on Instagram and noticing that she talks a lot about the gut-brain connection which really sat with me. We started working together at the end of January and created a plan while my results came back. Once we were able to see where my issues were, we were able to start a protocol to calm my body down, start supplements and get me feeling better.

This is 2 months later and I am A LOT better. My face is about 85% cleared up, my BMs are pretty much back to normal and I’m eating foods a lot more confidently without fearing that I’ll get a headache and my body is tolerating foods better such as no more big brain fog after eating or feeling like I need to take a nap. I’m currently in the process of trying to get off the pill as I decided that I am done with synthetic hormones & Kelli has been supportive and has offered to give her additional guidance if I need her throughout my transition. I am so glad that I did this. It really was worth it for me- I know it has been a quick turn around for me & I’m thankful for that but it can be just as good or even better for anyone else.” Lina, 28

“When I reached out to Kelli I was at a loss of what to do with my migraines. I wasn’t getting sufficient help from my healthcare providers and felt very alone and helpless. I couldn’t adapt or handle the pain I was experiencing with migraines like I could other pain. Coming across Kelli on Instagram felt so random, but SO HOPEFUL. I reached out and she responded so quickly and compassionately. Her kindness and wealth of knowledge was very evident. Initially, I was concerned about the cost, but I am now 110% confident this was a worthwhile investment that covered all the bases and got me to where I needed to be. Now I have a whole new tool basket for coping with pain that doesn’t require medication, I have a better understanding of my diet and nutrition needs, my pain levels are much lower and manageable, and I feel more confident talking with my doctors. This was one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2021. Thank you, Kelli :)” Jenny, 28

“I came to this program with a fairly high level of knowledge of nutrition and supplements, but I was looking for more targeted information specific to migraine. I sure got it! I got some great tips and information that have really helped me reduce my migraines naturally, and helped me rely less on medication. If that’s not enough of a recommendation, I don’t know what is!” Brittany, Ginger Group

“I found Kelli after having had ENOUGH of suffering with another flare up of my migraine. I was excited to take and learn about a different approach, which is the gut/brain connection, that most neurologists don’t address at all. After our initial meeting, and after receiving my test results from Kelli, I was FLOORED by what was actually going on in my gut and how it could possibly be impacting my migraines. Using my test results, Kelli was able to recommend a gut protocol involving supplements, vitamins, recipes, and lifestyle changes. In less than two weeks, my migraine symptoms were already subsiding AND I was getting results that I was not even expecting – my skin has never been this clear in my entire adult life, my bloating has minimized, and my energy levels feel stabilized. I recommend everyone that suffers from migraine to work with Kelli. She truly knows what she’s talking about and is wonderful to talk to as well! I finally feel like I have hope for my future being migraine free after working with her. THANK YOU KELLI!!!” Olivia, 27

“I enrolled in this program because I felt like I had reached a dead end in my health and daily routine, with my symptoms (pain, fatigue etc) getting worse rather than better. Now I feel like I have a solid and easy/practical foundation when it comes to my daily habits and I am slowly seeing improvements! My fear was making what felt like a big investment and not getting anything out of it but I can definitely say that it is worth the investment and you will learn so much.” Julieta, Ginger Group

“I am so thankful for Kelli. I came to her, mostly concerned about migraine, and realized I had other areas to address as well – symptoms I typically ignored. I was originally told by another doctor that I should cut out huge food groups aka all grains, dairy, shellfish, soy, many types of nuts & meat. I went to Kelli feeling lost but motivated to figure this out. She helped me through the process and while it was daunting at times, I made it through! I cut down my symptoms by 60% and am still working it down. I learned about other migraine triggers and learned about the food that makes me feel best. To be honest, I’m surprised she doesn’t charge more because she is with you through every step of the process and helps you to fit this plan into your lifestyle. On a personal level, she is caring, thoughtful, kind, fun, and everyone’s cheerleader.
I will say that it is difficult to make this decision to invest in your health because it’s not typically what people do. We typically power through and ignore the pain. Don’t you think it’s weird that humans do that? Working with Kelli was my act of self love and I will never regret doing that. I hope others will see that value too.” Jaimie, 26

“Hi Kelli, just wanted to drop a message – thank you so much for running this group and all your help! This group has honestly changed my life and just cannot express how grateful I am, how without this course my migraine and I would be in a very different place! So thank you! :-)” M.C. Blueberry Group

“I reached out because my migraines had become unbearable and I knew there had to be a deeper cause. I was hoping to decrease the frequency and severity of my migraines and felt willing to do whatever it would take to make that happen…I no longer am losing days of my life lying in bed and feel confident about my ability to continue on with a lifestyle that supports me in being as migraine-free as possible.” Alex, 26

“I’ve had migraines for seven years. Initially my primary doctor tried to help me with prescriptions. After multiple rounds of bad side effects with no relief, she referred me to a neurologist. They put me on a full arsenal of all the standard migraine medications and then some. My symptoms got worse.

Then at the start of the year I discovered the Heal Your Headache book. I was trying to figure out the HYH diet on my own and following The Migraines Dietician’s instagram topics like supplements and gut health, but not really understanding them. I was missing so many details and I felt like I was drowning.

I wasn’t able to find answers on my own so I decided to join the Raise Your Threshold Group. This program connected so many dots for me and gave me specific action steps. I have a much clearer understanding of how my migraines started. This path involves a multitude of lifestyle changes. This program provides detailed information, specific steps and motivation and support. Every week I implemented changes I learned from this program.

Now I am feeling better than I have in a year. My migraines have lessened in length and intensity. My husband also really notices an improvement in my health. Joey, Ginger Group

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