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Read below for stories of inspiration from past clients of Raise Your Threshold!

The below contains real, unpaid testimonials given by members of RYT. Please note that testimonials shown are applicable to the person writing them, and may not be indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. Kelli Yates Nutrition cannot and does not guarantee results.

“As someone who tried (and failed) more than once to do a full overhaul of my habits and lifestyle on my own to reduce symptoms of chronic migraine, the fact RYT is a program that set me up for success was amazing. The structure of incremental changes, paired with Kelli’s support and expertise, helped me greatly. I can honestly say that the frequency of my migraine attacks have reduced by a third, and the severity of my daily symptoms, especially my fatigue and brain fog, has drastically decreased. Thank you Kelli!” Devin

“I had been suffering from migraines for a few years when I found Kelli on Instagram. I was a bit unfamiliar with the gut-migraine connection and a little skeptical to be honest. But I was at the end of my rope with my doctor and after the [initial] consult, I was convinced. Kelli helped me uncover some serious stuff lurking in my gut. Four months later and I’m down to one or two migraines a month from fifteen! The program also taught me how to maintain a migraine friendly lifestyle after my time with Kelli. Now I don’t carry the fear of a migraine around with me 24/7 anymore, and that’s priceless.” Dustin, 33

“I’m so grateful to have found Kelli! She has a wealth of knowledge about migraine and has worked with me to find the root causes of my symptoms – not just offering bandaid fixes. It’s rare to find holistic practitioners that prioritize migraine, and even more rare is finding someone who listens, is empathetic, and works with you to meet your health goals. Let Kelli help you!” Emma, 25

“I found Kelli on IG when looking for help with my chronic migraine. I’ve had migraine for as long as I can remember and had chronic daily migraine for years. I managed to get it under control once and after having children it came back, and medication wasn’t working. I was desperate to feel good to be present for my babies & business. I saw a post of Kelli’s about gut & migraine and everything clicked! I messaged her right away for a consultation. During the pandemic, money was tight for us but we decided it was worth every penny to get some help and Kelli DELIVERED. She is the absolute kindest person and listens thoroughly. Having migraine herself, she is compassionate and understanding of the struggles. She made the program attainable for a busy mama of two toddlers to follow, always checked in on what we could alternate, or where I needed help. At the end of the program, I am having 1-2 episodes a MONTH versus 4 a week. My GI symptoms are also nearly gone. I feel confident to continue on my own with the tools I was provided, and know she’s available if I have questions or concerns. Kelli’s program was worth the investment and I am so thankful!” Danyce, 33

“I have dealt with migraine for over 50 years. They have become chronic about 20 years. I have been to countless doctors including neurologists and have had few results from the numerous drugs for both prevention and relief. Unfortunately my younger daughter also started having trouble with migraine. I found Kelli on Instagram and shared with her. My daughter had come for a visit and was going to the lake with my other daughter. I told her I couldn’t go because it was hot and sunny, bad triggers for me. When they came back we were talking about it and it started crying, out of frustration really. After my daughter went home she called me and said she was gifting me the program with Kelli (she knew I would never pay for it on my own 😬). While some of the early modules were things I had come across, they were in more depth and of course Kelli walks you through them and answers all questions. She is also very quick to respond to messages whether they are MD, email or on the community. I always felt like no question was too small. And as the modules progressed and I started to implement the information, I started to feel like I had a control I had not felt in years. While my headaches have not disappeared, they are less frequent and I get more relief with natural means and can avoid prescription meds a lot of the time. I really have a new outlook thanks to Kelli and her program. First I feel understood, second I have a new tool bag to help me and third I now believe that it okay not to be okay and when that happens, take care of myself.” – Jennifer, 55

“When I reached out to Kelli I was at a point when my migraine was not manageable anymore. I was extremely exhausted by the constant pain and sickness, and frustrated that I had to plan my life around the possibility of getting a migraine attack (which was more or less daily). Although I was already taking lots of painkillers, I dreaded the idea of having to take preventive meds, so I was willing to try a holistic approach as one last thing before going under treatment.

Even though I had made some changes in my supplement routine before, the program helped me piece all the information together and really look at the relation between my symptoms and my lifestyle, nutrition and so many other aspects that influence migraine. I committed myself to gradually implement the changes in my daily life, and after some weeks of no difference in my symptoms I had a sudden breakthrough. I started to feel more energetic, my digestion improved to a level where I went weeks without feeling bloated or having transit issues , and most importantly I started to have full weeks of no migraine days. My painkiller intake has reduced to almost zero, and even if I might still get a migraine attack once or twice a month, the meds work immediately.

For me the program was definitely worth it and for that I am super grateful to Kelli and her team. For the first time in years I am feeling present in my life, and I feel there is so much more space in it for people and activities I love :)” Lavinia

“When I reached out to Kelli, it was because I had been diagnosed with Chronic Vestibular Migraine. While the diagnosis was a great first step, my doctor left me with a list of foods to avoid for migraine, however, it was unclear for how long I’d have to follow it and after following it for several weeks saw little to no change. I wanted to start living a better life and the more I researched, the more I learned that my gut and nutrition were huge. After reaching out to Kelli and starting the protocol I continuously started to have more and more good days with milder symptoms and sometimes no symptoms. I started to feel more in control of my body and my symptoms and truly learned a holistic approach to managing what was happening. I don’t think I could’ve gotten where I am now without Kelli’s help. I felt that while it was a challenging process at times, in the long run it was a solution that yielded results faster and will be maintainable long term. THANK YOU!” Liz, 33

“I suffered from chronic migraines for 12 years and had tried every medicine/natural remedy you can name. I knew something wasn’t right with my body, but no doctor could pinpoint the issue or point me in the right direction. I felt hopeless until my consult with Kelli. Working with Kelli, we uncovered fixable issues that were affecting my health in multiple ways. By getting to the root of the problems through tweaking my nutrition and fixing my gut issues, I finally have a sense of control back. My headache frequency and intensity have greatly improved and other aspects of my health have as well – a benefit I wasn’t expecting and embrace! Kelli was supportive and flexible throughout. I was able to lean on her and be vulnerable at my weakest point. Thank you for helping me realize there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Truly grateful” Jess, 43

“I stumbled upon Kelli’s page on Instagram, and I was immediately struck by how personable and knowledgeable she is on all things migraine. Good news – she is the exact same when you work with her one-on-one! I was a few months into a pretty bad vestibular migraine flare, and I was desperate to find answers. I am very knowledgeable on migraine myself, and I’m very into holistic treatments. Kelli never once made me feel judged nor that things were all in my head. I knew some of my triggers, but it felt like everything was becoming a trigger and there were some other things going on based on symptoms before the flare. I felt pretty helpless and what I was doing wasn’t really working to its best potential. I just wasn’t sure how to help my body without some external guidance.

I wanted to look at migraine holistically, and working with Kelli one-on-one really fit with what I was looking for with the addition of functional lab tests. My package included a gut health test and a food sensitivity test. With vestibular migraine, I am not able to drive, and Kelli helped me find a home healthcare nurse to come take my blood for the food sensitivity test! Through both tests, I was able to uncover some underlying issues that were making me more susceptible to migraine and not being able to fully heal/give my body a break. While the elimination diet based upon my test results was HARD, my body was finally able to REST. Additionally, through lifestyle changes and targeted supplements, I was really able to see improvement in my symptoms and better identify my triggers. Having the accountability and guidance of Kelli through the process was invaluable. I am still working through some of my protocols, but I have a greater understanding of my body, what helps/hurts and how to really take care of myself. Investing in yourself and your health is well worth it.” Sarah, 27

“Working with Kelli was wonderful! When I reached out to her initially, I was concerned about my hormone levels and how they might be impacting my migraines and overall quality of life. Doing the hormone test with her was eye opening! Same with the gut health test – I learned a lot and with Kelli’s help have been able to significantly improve my gut health. Kelli is extremely knowledgeable and I loved the custom nutrition guidelines she gave me. I’m now eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and feeling so much better overall! So glad I found Kelli and invested in the program.” Kelly, 43

“In Aug 2020, I got an IUD placed with no idea that it affect me because I was on the pill already for about 1.5 years at this point and had no reason to believe my hormones would harm me. After having the IUD in for 6 weeks, my migraine headaches returned despite being on preventative medication and I had a bunch of other symptoms come along with it. My face broke out with acne, I developed food sensitivities, my BMs (bowel movements) completely changed and of course, because I stopped eating due to fear of triggering a migraine- I lost a significant amount of weight. All of this led me to Kelli. I had been following her for a while on Instagram and noticing that she talks a lot about the gut-brain connection which really sat with me. We started working together at the end of January and created a plan while my results came back. Once we were able to see where my issues were, we were able to start a protocol to calm my body down, start supplements and get me feeling better.

This is 2 months later and I am A LOT better. My face is about 85% cleared up, my BMs are pretty much back to normal and I’m eating foods a lot more confidently without fearing that I’ll get a headache and my body is tolerating foods better such as no more big brain fog after eating or feeling like I need to take a nap. I’m currently in the process of trying to get off the pill as I decided that I am done with synthetic hormones & Kelli has been supportive and has offered to give her additional guidance if I need her throughout my transition. I am so glad that I did this. It really was worth it for me- I know it has been a quick turn around for me & I’m thankful for that but it can be just as good or even better for anyone else.” Lina, 28

“When I reached out to Kelli I was at a loss of what to do with my migraines. I wasn’t getting sufficient help from my healthcare providers and felt very alone and helpless. I couldn’t adapt or handle the pain I was experiencing with migraines like I could other pain. Coming across Kelli on Instagram felt so random, but SO HOPEFUL. I reached out and she responded so quickly and compassionately. Her kindness and wealth of knowledge was very evident. Initially, I was concerned about the cost, but I am now 110% confident this was a worthwhile investment that covered all the bases and got me to where I needed to be. Now I have a whole new tool basket for coping with pain that doesn’t require medication, I have a better understanding of my diet and nutrition needs, my pain levels are much lower and manageable, and I feel more confident talking with my doctors. This was one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2021. Thank you, Kelli :)” Jenny, 28

“I came to this program with a fairly high level of knowledge of nutrition and supplements, but I was looking for more targeted information specific to migraine. I sure got it! I got some great tips and information that have really helped me reduce my migraines naturally, and helped me rely less on medication. If that’s not enough of a recommendation, I don’t know what is!” Brittany

“I found Kelli after having had ENOUGH of suffering with another flare up of my migraine. I was excited to take and learn about a different approach, which is the gut/brain connection, that most neurologists don’t address at all. After our initial meeting, and after receiving my test results from Kelli, I was FLOORED by what was actually going on in my gut and how it could possibly be impacting my migraines. Using my test results, Kelli was able to recommend a gut protocol involving supplements, vitamins, recipes, and lifestyle changes. In less than two weeks, my migraine symptoms were already subsiding AND I was getting results that I was not even expecting – my skin has never been this clear in my entire adult life, my bloating has minimized, and my energy levels feel stabilized. I recommend everyone that suffers from migraine to work with Kelli. She truly knows what she’s talking about and is wonderful to talk to as well! I finally feel like I have hope for my future being migraine free after working with her. THANK YOU KELLI!!!” Olivia, 27

“I enrolled in this program because I felt like I had reached a dead end in my health and daily routine, with my symptoms (pain, fatigue etc) getting worse rather than better. Now I feel like I have a solid and easy/practical foundation when it comes to my daily habits and I am slowly seeing improvements! My fear was making what felt like a big investment and not getting anything out of it but I can definitely say that it is worth the investment and you will learn so much.” Julieta

“I am so thankful for Kelli. I came to her, mostly concerned about migraine, and realized I had other areas to address as well – symptoms I typically ignored. I was originally told by another doctor that I should cut out huge food groups aka all grains, dairy, shellfish, soy, many types of nuts & meat. I went to Kelli feeling lost but motivated to figure this out. She helped me through the process and while it was daunting at times, I made it through! I cut down my symptoms by 60% and am still working it down. I learned about other migraine triggers and learned about the food that makes me feel best. To be honest, I’m surprised she doesn’t charge more because she is with you through every step of the process and helps you to fit this plan into your lifestyle. On a personal level, she is caring, thoughtful, kind, fun, and everyone’s cheerleader.
I will say that it is difficult to make this decision to invest in your health because it’s not typically what people do. We typically power through and ignore the pain. Don’t you think it’s weird that humans do that? Working with Kelli was my act of self love and I will never regret doing that. I hope others will see that value too.” Jaimie, 26

“Hi Kelli, just wanted to drop a message – thank you so much for running this group and all your help! This group has honestly changed my life and just cannot express how grateful I am, how without this course my migraine and I would be in a very different place! So thank you! :-)” M.C.

“I reached out because my migraines had become unbearable and I knew there had to be a deeper cause. I was hoping to decrease the frequency and severity of my migraines and felt willing to do whatever it would take to make that happen…I no longer am losing days of my life lying in bed and feel confident about my ability to continue on with a lifestyle that supports me in being as migraine-free as possible.” Alex, 26

“I had been dealing with many symptoms from migraine for about a year. I had been to many doctors who did not give me any answers or assistance, before finding Kelli. I wanted to reduce my symptoms, identify my triggers and get my life back. I was scared I’d never be able to work again due to the severity of the symptoms. I was also nervous to spend the money but I had been paying a bunch of doctors who weren’t helping me at all already, so I dove in with Kelli. The money actually helped keep me on track, it gave me incentive to stick to the regimen and I really wanted to give this my best shot . The process was difficult. Sometimes it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, my symptoms were still present throughout treatment. This takes time and effort, but it works. I just kept faith in Kelli and the process, and it really did pay off. Now after finishing all my sessions with Kelli, I am probably 70% better than what I was. Kelli gave me a lot of knowledge and helped me figure out how to manage my symptoms so that I can work again and get back to living life.” Justin, 34

“I’ve had migraines for seven years. Initially my primary doctor tried to help me with prescriptions. After multiple rounds of bad side effects with no relief, she referred me to a neurologist. They put me on a full arsenal of all the standard migraine medications and then some. My symptoms got worse.

Then at the start of the year I discovered the Heal Your Headache book. I was trying to figure out the HYH diet on my own and following The Migraines Dietitian’s instagram topics like supplements and gut health, but not really understanding them. I was missing so many details and I felt like I was drowning.

I wasn’t able to find answers on my own so I decided to join the Raise Your Threshold Group. This program connected so many dots for me and gave me specific action steps. I have a much clearer understanding of how my migraines started. This path involves a multitude of lifestyle changes. This program provides detailed information, specific steps and motivation and support. Every week I implemented changes I learned from this program.

Now I am feeling better than I have in a year. My migraines have lessened in length and intensity. My husband also really notices an improvement in my health.” Joey

“I’ve had daily chronic migraine for the past 5 years. Six months ago, I was throwing up several times a week, nauseous daily, too overwhelmed to even know what to eat, low appetite and I started to really resent mealtime. I quit from job because I was too ill to work. Now – I don’t throw up, I’m only nauseous a couple days a week, increased appetite, mealtimes are a breeze, and I work part-time. My head pain is still there but I have less high symptom days. I know when my body needs food and rest – something I wasn’t able to see before.

I also learned that a whole bunch of symptoms I’ve had for years was directly tied to my gut. I recommend her testing, it’s so much more comprehensive than other tests done in a doctors office. Instead of blindly taking supplements, I was able to follow a whole regime. I continued that with my regular protocols from my neuro which was a nice balance. I appreciated that the program was challenging yet very attainable. Kelli helped me unlearn a lot of negative diet culture stuff that had been ingrained in me as a kid. Aside from food, she is so knowledgeable about migraine management!” Olivia, 23

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