Sugar and Migraine

Are you scared of sugar??? I can understand why you would be – sugar has been made the enemy by diet culture for quite some time (we had to find something new to hate after low-fat stopped trending, am I right?). But there’s really no need to be afraid of sugar! Let’s do a quickContinue reading “Sugar and Migraine”

Tracking Migraine

So your neurologist asked you to track your migraine episodes for a month before your first appointment– but where do you start? I hear ya sweet friends– tracking your migraine can feel like yet another thing to add to the never ending to-do list! While it’s difficult to figure out where to even begin, it is aContinue reading “Tracking Migraine”

Threshold Theory

One of the most important concepts of migraine treatment, the threshold theory (sometimes called the Bucket Theory) explains how triggers build on one another and contribute to migraine symptoms collectively. Migraine Threshold If you have migraine, you have a migraine threshold – the point at which you experience a full blown episode. Some people haveContinue reading “Threshold Theory”