Food Cravings and Migraine

Do you find yourself with intense cravings right before a migraine episode??? Food can sometimes feel like the center of migraine; cravings can signal the arrival of a migraine episode, certain foods can trigger an episode for some people, and other times food can give you the comfort that you need while in pain. FiguringContinue reading “Food Cravings and Migraine”

Magnesium for Migraine

Does it work? Magnesium likely has a positive impact on migraine symptoms. How do I use it? Magnesium glycinate is a well-tolerated form, and 400mg is the most widely recommended dosage. The Basics Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s crucial to your health – in fact, it’s needed for over 300 reactions in your body!Continue reading “Magnesium for Migraine”