Push Reset On Your Migraine

For women ready to take back their life from migraine by connecting to their body, managing triggers, and infusing their lifestyle with love

Two decades into my own migraine journey, I finally realized I had to look at the whole picture to get rid of my daily pain.

By addressing major triggers that are easier to manage, you can finally gain control of your migraine and start living a fuller life.

Maybe you’ve tried this before and are still in pain? Here’s why.

It starts with mindset and cultivating a loving connection with your body. This is the magic to why the MBM Reset works! Without those steps, it’s nearly impossible to experience lasting changes.

This program is for you if:

· Your day revolves around managing your migraine

· It feels like your symptoms come out of nowhere or have no clear cause

· You have dreams of reducing your reliance on medications

· You’re open to evaluating your lifestyle, the way you eat and how it affects your migraine

· You want to take advantage of a supportive, welcoming environment of sisters tackling migraine together

How It Works

Step One: Reset Your Mind

Stop putting yourself last and fully commit to getting off the migraine roller coaster – for good!

You will learn:

  • Why habits never seem to stick and how to shift into a healthier mindset
  • How to cultivate mindfulness and stay in the present moment
  • Why stress is toxic for migraine and how to become a stress-management expert
  • Why we fear triggers and how to take back control

Step Two: Reset Your Body

Reconnect with your body and learn to view her as the loving ally that she is.

You will learn:

  • How to connect with your body in a way you may have been resisting
  • Why gentle movement is so beneficial and how to incorporate it
  • How to live intuitively
  • Simple ways to nourish your body
  • How to create a migraine-friendly sleep routine

Step Three: Reset Your Migraine

It’s time to bring it all together and say goodbye to the migraine struggle.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize a migraine episode early
  • Ways to manage triggers that doesn’t rule your entire life
  • Why caffeine is such a hot topic and how to know when it’s time to scale back
  • Supplements for migraine backed by research
  • How to create a loving lifestyle that lasts

What You Get

  • Full access to the MBM Reset for the life of the program, including access to updates and improvements at no additional cost
  • Recorded lessons to guide you through each step
  • The Migraine 101 Guide to get you up to speed on common triggers, threshold theory, and the phases of migraine
  • Printable MBM Workbook full of reflections, journal prompts, and gentle challenges to go with each lesson
  • 2 Migraine Impact Surveys to track your improvement
  • Access to the MBM Sisterhood, a private Facebook Group
  • BONUS: DIY Migraine Kit Guide

Ready to get started?

Meet Your Migraine Guide

Hey there! I’m Kelli, your favorite future Migraine Registered Dietitian.

I struggled with migraine myself for over two decades and tried my best to deal with the daily pain I was in – until I just couldn’t anymore.

I knew I didn’t want to live the rest of my life reliant on medication, so I started using the skills I’d learned while earning my degree in dietetics to find my own answers. I combined what I found with previous work I’ve done around body connection, mindset shifts, and cultivating self-love … and my migraine started to improve.

You can do this too!

Commit to the Mind Body Migraine Reset today and join your fellow MBM sisters who are learning to live fuller, more empowered lives!

Join the Mind Body Migraine Reset Today!

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