How To Buy Good Quality Supplements

What to look for on the label: USP seal, ingredients, milligrams What to look for on the website: third party testing, scientific studies Reputable brands: Pure Encapsulations, HerbPharm, Gaia, BioKult Stepping into the supplement aisle can be overwhelming! Take magnesium – there are multiple different types (glycinate, threonate, citrate …), multiple different forms (powdered, capsule,Continue reading “How To Buy Good Quality Supplements”

7 Ways To Manage Nausea Naturally

If you have migraine and tend to get nauseated a lot…. blech, I feel you! Even when I’m not actively in a migraine episode I’ve struggle with nausea, so I’m always looking for tricks to deal with it naturally. Obviously if it’s severe and you can’t keep anything down, medication or a trip to theContinue reading “7 Ways To Manage Nausea Naturally”

Sharing My Eating Disorders With Others

Every time I post something about my history with eating disorders or open my mouth to speak about it, I still have the same thoughts. Really? Should I? I made the conscious decision when I decided to become a dietitian to be radically open and honest with people about myself. I want people to knowContinue reading “Sharing My Eating Disorders With Others”

Making Space When There is None

My life is pretty busy these days, and I’m guessing yours is too. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m in the process of making my way through a Dietetics degree. It’s… not easy. As someone who has a low tolerance for suffering and needs a lot of recovery time (introvert + longContinue reading “Making Space When There is None”