Master List of Migraine Research Articles

For those of you interested in learning more about migraine, the gut-brain connection, supplements, and more! How to look up an article – you can simply click on the url at the end of the citation (the “doi”) and google it! You can also try googling the article’s title. For best results, use GeneralContinue reading “Master List of Migraine Research Articles”

The 3 (Sometimes 4) Phases of Migraine

Migraine is more than just the episode itself – it’s surrounded by a series of warning signs, called the Prodrome, an optional Aura, and a hangover, called the Postdrome. It is not uncommon for someone with chronic or near-chronic migraine to be constantly affected by at least one of these phases, making it extremely difficult to experience aContinue reading “The 3 (Sometimes 4) Phases of Migraine”

Medication Overuse Headache

Medication overuse headache, also known as MOH or rebound headache, happens when the frequent use of pain medication leads to a decreased threshold for migraine and reinforces the pain pathways in your brain. In other words, your pain meds themselves start causing migraine episodes. MOH is common in people who have uncontrolled migraine for aContinue reading “Medication Overuse Headache”

Finding a Headache Specialist

If you’ve reached the point where your primary care physician is unable to help you manage your migraine, the most appropriate next step is to look for a headache specialist or other doctor who specializes in migraine disorders. Headache Specialists The American Migraine Foundation has a fantastic tool that allows you to find a qualified HeadacheContinue reading “Finding a Headache Specialist”

Migraine Types

If you’re new to migraine or just starting your research, you may be overwhelmed by the lingo used to describe different types of migraine.  Knowing which type (or types) of migraine you have can help you better describe it to your doctors, allow you to find more relevant information to your specific condition, and letContinue reading “Migraine Types”

Threshold Theory

One of the most important concepts of migraine treatment, the threshold theory (sometimes called the Bucket Theory) explains how triggers build on one another and contribute to migraine symptoms collectively. Migraine Threshold If you have migraine, you have a migraine threshold – the point at which you experience a full blown episode. Some people haveContinue reading “Threshold Theory”

Common Triggers

Triggers are factors that raise the likelihood of a migraine episode occurring. Everyone has different triggers, but virtually universal ones include stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, and dehydration. Stress Stress, both good and bad, causes a lot of changes in your body that can contribute to a migraine episode.  During times of increased stress,Continue reading “Common Triggers”