The Link Between Migraine and Hypothyroidism: Supporting Thyroid Health Naturally

Migraine and hypothyroidism are two common issues that can significantly impact your well-being. Recent research suggests a potential connection between migraine and an increased risk of developing hypothyroidism, showing that there is a possible link between migraine and hypothyroidism. Today we’re exploring the relationship between migraine and hypothyroidism, the risk of thyroid dysfunction for migraineurs,Continue reading “The Link Between Migraine and Hypothyroidism: Supporting Thyroid Health Naturally”

Tea with Migraine

Does drinking tea help with migraine? Herbal tea can help manage symptoms of migraine and can improve digestion, sleep, stress levels, and pain/histamine management. How should I use tea with migraine? For maximum benefit, sip on 2-3 glasses per day. *Check with your doctor before starting a new herbal supplement/ tea.* The Basics: Tea withContinue reading “Tea with Migraine”

Blood Sugar Management with Migraine

Why would you be concerned about managing your blood sugar levels with migraine??? Extreme highs and lows in blood sugar levels can be a migraine trigger for many people, making migraine management that much harder! So where do you even start with balancing your blood sugar levels? Let’s start with the basics– glucose (sugar) isContinue reading “Blood Sugar Management with Migraine”

Sleep Hygiene and Migraine

Do you always wake up bright and early to your first alarm clock, or are you someone who hits that snooze button repeatedly until 30 minutes before you have to leave??? I’ve been both of these people throughout my life, so no shame if you’re a snoozer! Sometimes with migraine your sleep schedule can beContinue reading “Sleep Hygiene and Migraine”