Master List of Migraine Research Articles

For those of you interested in learning more about migraine, the gut-brain connection, supplements, and more!

How to look up an article – you can simply copy and paste the url at the end of the citation (the “doi”) and google it! You can also try googling the article’s title. For best results, use


  • Martami, F., Razeghi Jahromi, S., Togha, M., Ghorbani, Z., Seifishahpar, M., & Saidpour, A. (2018). The serum level of inflammatory markers in chronic and episodic migraine: A case-control study. Neurological Sciences, 39(10), 1741-1749.
  • Togha, M., Razeghi Jahromi, S., Ghorbani, Z., Ghaemi, A., & Rafiee, P. (2019). An investigation of oxidant/antioxidant balance in patients with migraine: A case-control study. BMC Neurology, 19(1).

Migraine and Gut Health

  • Guo, R., Chen, L., Xing, C., & Liu, T. (2019). Pain regulation by gut microbiota: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potential. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 123(5), 637-654.
  • Martami, F., Togha, M., Seifishahpar, M., Ghorbani, Z., Ansari, H., Karimi, T., & Jahromi, S. R. (2019). The effects of a multispecies probiotic supplement on inflammatory markers and episodic and chronic migraine characteristics: A randomized double-blind controlled trial. Cephalalgia, 39(7), 841-853.
  • Tang, Y., Liu, S., Shu, H., Yanagisawa, L., & Tao, F. (2019). Gut microbiota Dysbiosis enhances migraine-like pain via TNFα Upregulation. Molecular Neurobiology, 57(1), 461-468.
  • Arzani, M., Jahromi, S. R., Ghorbani, Z., Vahabizad, F., Martelletti, P., Ghaemi, A., Sacco, S., & Togha, M. (2020). Gut-brain Axis and migraine headache: A comprehensive review. The Journal of Headache and Pain, 21(1).
  • De Roos, N. M., Van Hemert, S., Rovers, J. M., Smits, M. G., & Witteman, B. J. (2017). The effects of a multispecies probiotic on migraine and markers of intestinal permeability–results of a randomized placebo-controlled study. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 71(12), 1455-1462.
  • Naghibi, M. M., & Day, R. (2019). The microbiome, the gut–brain axis and migraine. Gastrointestinal Nursing, 17(8), 38-45.

Migraine and IBS

  • Cámara-Lemarroy, C. R., Rodriguez-Gutierrez, R., Monreal-Robles, R., & Marfil-Rivera, A. (2016). Gastrointestinal disorders associated with migraine: A comprehensive review. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 22(36), 8149.
  • Chang, F., & Lu, C. (2013). Irritable bowel syndrome and migraine: Bystanders or partners? Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 19(3), 301-311.
  • Georgescu, D., Reisz, D., Gurban, C. V., Georgescu, L., Ionita, I., Ancusa, O. E., & Lighezan, D. (2017). Migraine in young females with irritable bowel syndrome: Still a challenge. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 14, 21-28.

Migraine and Diet

Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals

  • Martins, L. B., Rodrigues, A. M., Rodrigues, D. F., Dos Santos, L. C., Teixeira, A. L., & Ferreira, A. V. (2018). Double-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) addition in migraine acute treatment. Cephalalgia, 39(1), 68-76.
  • Maghbooli, M., Golipour, F., Moghimi Esfandabadi, A., & Yousefi, M. (2013). Comparison between the efficacy of ginger and Sumatriptan in the ablative treatment of the common migraine. Phytotherapy Research, 28(3), 412-415.
  • Sun-Edelstein, C., & Mauskop, A. (2009). Role of magnesium in the pathogenesis and treatment of migraine. Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, 9(3), 369-379.


  • Laine, L. (2003). Gastrointestinal effects of NSAIDs and Coxibs. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 25(2), 32-40.
  • Maiden, L., Thjodleifsson, B., Seigal, A., Bjarnason, I. I., Scott, D., Birgisson, S., & Bjarnason, I. (2007). Long-term effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cyclooxygenase-2 selective agents on the small bowel: A cross-sectional capsule Enteroscopy study. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 5(9), 1040-1045.

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