Finding a Headache Specialist

If you’ve reached the point where your primary care physician is unable to help you manage your migraine, the most appropriate next step is to look for a headache specialist or other doctor who specializes in migraine disorders.

Headache Specialists

The American Migraine Foundation has a fantastic tool that allows you to find a qualified Headache Specialist near you.

Headache Centers

You can also try the Migraine Research Foundation’s Headache Center Finder if you or your doctor think you need more intensive, potentially inpatient care. 


If telehealth is more your speed, you can check out Cove. This service gets you in contact with a doctor who can help you figure out a good medication regimen for you. They even ship the meds straight to your door! This option is best if you are strictly looking for medication and not any additional testing or diagnosis.

When in doubt, you can always call your insurance provider and ask for a list of neurologists in your area. Not all neurologists are migraine experts, but they should have much more experience in this area than your primary care provider.

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